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Welcome to Your Move Fitness, LLC

Welcome to Your Move Fitness, LLC

Welcome to Your Move Fitness, LLCWelcome to Your Move Fitness, LLC



What are your qualifications?

I am a Certified Personal Trainer through American College of Sports Medicine.

I have trained extensively with coaches of pro athletes, former pro athletes, and college baseball teams.

I completed the Exercise for Parkinson's Training course offered by the Brian Grant Foundation.

I am a lifetime-exerciser, the last 10 years of which have been while diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

What does the fitness training consist of?

It depends on your needs, desires, and capabilities. For some, it might  be lifting weights, running, and biking. For others, boxing, basketball, or baseball drills. Many people will be trained at much less intense levels, exploring movement and balance in modified sports or functional skills practice.

How do you determine the proper regimen for me?

First, I get to know you. Then we discuss your interests, needs, capabilities, and goals. After exploring various forms of fitness, your best fit(s) will emerge. I believe your fitness can be fun, focused, and rewarding on multiple levels.

Where will I workout?

Wherever we believe your physical and mental health will most flourish. A park, a gym, a church, your home, my garage, a pool...It does not have to be expensive to get fit, have fun, or feel better!

How much do you  charge for personal training?

Please contact. Determined after evaluation.

Guiding Philosophy

Fitness of mind is required to maximize fitness of body. What good is fitness of body without fitness of mind anyway?

Effective training, especially in those with chronic disease, blends these two elements to create strength well beyond conventional methods of treating in isolation.

Building confidence in abilities to meet all future challenges alleviates worries and fears, allowing for engagement and enjoyment of today,