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Wendi T, current client

He is always very motivating and when I am experiencing issues he knows exactly what I'm talking about. I'm so grateful for the conversations we have and the research he does when he sees something I am doing or hears me talk about an issue... I am definitely seeing progress and have hope for a somewhat normal, active future. 

Tony V, former client

Gavin has been the greatest person to me. He is a great mentor, friend, and he is very inspiring. I highly recommend his services to anyone  with Parkinson's who wants to get better.

Matt Martin, major league-level baseball coach most recently with Detroit Tigers 

I have personally shared with Gavin much of the same mental and physical approaches to high-level athletic performance that I reserve for my organization's baseball players. I have conveyed to him all that I believe could possibly support him in extending his quality of life. Gavin is the rare individual that thrives on intense challenge. I believe he has never been more determined in his life

Bob B, former client

Before working with Gavin I felt fatigued and tired all the time. My  balance would come and go. The workouts have been fun and help me feel younger again. I feel  they help me both physically and mentally and hope to continue for as  long as I can. 

Pam W, former client

Thanks, Gavin, for the extra motivation you provided to get me back on track in a scheduled exercise regimen. An injury had me sidelined and pain distracted me to the point where I could feel myself weakneing.  Thanks for turning me around and pointing me in the right direction. It's never too late to restart.

Tahmy M, former client

I was diagnosed six years ago (at age of 42) with Young Onset Parkinson's. Gavin offered a great combination of physical and emotional advice and support. His positive attitude is amazing and I enjoyed every session with him.